I anticipate being treated with equal dignity, courtesy, and respect, as I always strive to do the same for others. I maintain impeccable hygiene standards and expect the same in return. My skin is soft, clean, and fragrant, reminiscent of a newborn baby.

Frequently asked questions

While I find the idea appealing, I must admit that I am feeling a bit apprehensive.

Meeting a companion for the first time can be nerve-wracking for some individuals, at least in their perception. However, based on my experience, the reality is much simpler. It's akin to meeting a friend of a friend on a lovely sunny day, sipping cocktails on a terrace, chatting about travel, food, and life in general. As the conversation flows, and if your companion has a warm and fun personality, is a good listener, and enjoys the company of interesting women like you, you may not even remember that he is a companion. The chemistry between you will naturally take over, allowing for a genuine connection to develop.

Why is the donation amount not specified on your page?

In order for me to determine if we are compatible, I will first require details about our prospective meeting, such as the location and duration of the booking.

Does the donation ensure that my booking is confirmed?

Regrettably, no. I chose companionship for the sheer joy of meeting remarkable women and creating unforgettable memories, rather than solely for financial gain. However, for this to happen, there must be a genuine connection between us, which can be determined during our initial encounter, one that is sparked by special chemistry and can be fostered by various factors, as there are no strict rules. Although I must admit, a woman's elegance and grace truly captivate me.

How do i book you?

Initially, you will provide me with all the essential details, and we can proceed from there. However, I want to emphasize a specific point. We will exchange a few messages before meeting in person. In the past, I have received numerous messages from individuals who were merely curious and had no intention of actually meeting. I do not wish to repeat the same mistake. I value your time, and I hope to receive the same level of respect in return.

Why don't you share more details about yourself and provide a face picture?

The discerning clients I choose to meet value their privacy and prefer not to have their companion's face and information widely available on the internet. Discretion is of utmost importance to them, and I always ensure to respect their privacy at all times.